Chrono Movements
Chrono Movements

Important Manufacturers of high grade hand wound chrono movements

As the value of a chronograph also depends on its movement it is very important to find out what calibre has been used. The more valuable and certainly more collectable movements are the ones with column wheel. That's why  I just list these movements.

There were not many manufactures of high grade Swiss calibres, so it is very interesting collecting these kind of watches. Nowadays you only find automatic chronographs, but more than 90% of these watches use the Valjoux 7750 calibre.

   Angelus     Exelsior Park       Landeron      Lemania / Omega     Longines
Minerva     Movado     Universal       Valjoux         Venus           Zenith


Valjoux 92

13 Linen

Valjoux 23 / 72 (hour counter)
13 Linen

Valjoux 22 / 71(hour counter)
14 Linen

Valjoux 77
13 Linen

Valjoux 13
13 Linen

Valjoux GHT
14 Linen


Venus 150

13 Linen

Venus175/178(hour counter)
14 Linen

Venus 170

12.5 Linen



Venus 140
13 Linen (chrono mechanism is under dial)



Chrono Movements 2

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